Thermal Imaging
With thermal imaging, we can provide added peace of mind, with a safer workplace or home and electrical efficiency.

Thermal Imaging

With Thermal Imaging, we can provide peace of mind through preventative maintenance, making your premises and workplace safe and compliant.

Our Engineers are BINDT ITC CAT 1 Thermographers and we use the latest technology available for the best possible images.

With our knowledge and technology, we can scan electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear with ease.

Sharp image and video helps us to clearly communicate identified issues so we can then identify solutions to resolve them.


Why should I carry out thermography on my electrical systems?

Electrical thermography is extremely effective as there is currently no other preventive maintenance method that can identify such a large range of issues. These include poor connections, over loading of cables and faulty electrical equipment. Thermography identifies these defects safely and promptly, and it causes no down time or disruption to the operations of your equipment and business, saving both time and money.

We only use the best specification of thermal imaging cameras  available, ensuring the best quality in the images collected, so that the outcome photos are the best within the industry.


Our Reports

All of our reports are carried out to the highest of standards, and we ensure they are easy to understand for all types of users.

Introduction/Report Summary

This provides information on the survey carried out, together with an in depth summary of the findings.

Main Body Report Pages

Where faults/anomalies are identified, an individual report page is produced providing a description of the fault, its severity and recommended remedial action.


These pages provide a checklist and images of every asset inspected during the survey. This provides an auditable record of what was inspected, along with equipment condition at the time of the survey.

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